The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Will Give You the Tools to Change the World

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We've been keeping you updated on Ian Somerhalder's mission to restore the Gulf Coast back to its pre-disastrous oil spill state, and many of you find 'The Vampire Diaries' actor's dedication toward helping the environment inspiring.

One JSYK reader said, "i think what ian is doing is awesome. i hope that they did fix the oil spill and that everything goes back to normal. i am behind ian 100%. hes a really great person and he really cares about everything thats goin on.i would help him do anything."
Now Ian is expanding to help people all over the world, and created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to give you the tools necessary to save the planet.

"This generation is Generation Extinction," Ian said. "This generation holds that in their hands -- the responsibility of it, and the power to change it. They have the ability to make the changes for themselves and for their environment. It's pretty bada**, if you think about how much they can do."

Ian's avoiding mingling with powerful politicians and wealthy donors; instead he's using education to empower you to make the biggest difference.

"Kids are fed up with the way the environment is being treated by people in power. We just have to give them the education and the tools to do something about it, and they will."

The Louisiana native has plans to broadcast live lessons from a school in America or Canada to a school in Africa. He wants to see teens around the world sharing ideas with one another and working together to protect the environment.

"The possibilities are endless," he says. Do you think Ian's Foundation will have a major impact?


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