Controversial Miley Cyrus Video Hits the Web; What Is Salvia?

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A new video of Miley Cyrus has hit the Internet, showing the 18-year-old star reportedly smoking something called salvia. According to TMZ, the video was shot at her L.A. home five days after her birthday.

Miley is shown partying with a group of people, and after inhaling the smoke, she begins to break out into fits of laughter. "I'm having a little bit of a bad trip," she says to the camera.

What is salvia? Is it illegal? Can you really have a "bad trip" or any trip at all?
What you should know about Salvia (Salvia Divinorum):

-It is a natural herb that is legal in the state of California.
-It is also called Diviner's Sage, María Pastora, or Seer's sage.
-The plant is part of the mint family and it has psychoactive qualities.
-It can cause hallucinations when chewed, smoked or taken in liquid form.
-According to Wikipedia, the herb's effects can be immediate, like Miley's, but only last a couple of minutes.

TMZ says the video was shot by one of Miley's friends, but was likely stolen from that friend's camera. The pop star wasn't breaking any laws by smoking the plant, so she won't face any legal trouble from the video, but the footage does put Miley at the center of controversy once again.

Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, tweeted his reaction to watching the video. "Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

Has your opinon of Miley changed after seeing her smoked a psychadellic drug? Or do you think it's okay because the substance is legal? Should Miley be able to have fun with her friends or is she held to a higher standard because of her celebrity status? Let us know what you think in the comments. %Poll-56819%


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