Cory Monteith Is In A Band, Paramore's Hayley Williams Might Be On 'Glee'

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See that guy on the far right way in the back? That's Cory Monteith and he's in a band called Bonnie Dune. First off, when did that happen? Secondly, how do these Glee-ers find the time for all these extra-cirricular activities? Dianna Agron has several movies in the works, Chris Colfer is reportedly starting his first film project as well, and Mark Salling recently debuted a solo album. We keep hearing about how crazy the 'Glee' production schedule is, so what's up? It appears that Lea Michele's Rachel Berry character isn't the only over-achiever in the group.

This news isn't completely out of the blue -- Cory is first a drummer, newly a singer thanks to his part playing Finn Hudson on 'Glee.' In fact, instead of singing on his 'Glee' audition tape, he opted to drum on some cups in his kitchen to focus his musicality rather than his (at the time) less-than-stellar singing voice.

Cory's a guy of many talents, actually. Before his singing career sky-rocketed, he worked at a Wal-Mart as a people greeter, at a car wash, drove a cab and school bus, and was even a roofer.
Bonnie Dune, comprised of Justin Wilczynski (vocals/guitar), Seth Roberts (guitar/vocals), Cory Monteith (drums/vocals!) and Josh Kerr (bass) will play their first show on January 9th. No word yet on if his 'Glee' costars will be more supportive of Monteith's non-Glee musical endeavors than they appeared to be of Salling's.

The group already has over 3,000 fans on Facebook and at least one celebrity fan has joined the fray: Hayley Williams. "Apparently he's in a band that's just starting up so keep your eyes and ears open," the Paramore singer told MTV last week.

Williams and Monteith became supper buddy-buddy last week when Cory took her on a tour of the Glee set. Whether Hayley will appear on the show in a guest role is TBD, but it's a cool idea right? After all, we loved Lea's version of 'The Only Exception.' Check out the pic Cory tweeted of Hayley sitting at Principal Figgins desk on the set.

"A few of the cast members had reached out to me over Twitter a while back," the Paramore singer explained. "They all seemed really cool and down to earth, so when Cory invited us to come and see the set I was stoked. We don't do a whole lot of TV appearances and their world is a lot different than what we're used to. I just had a good time seeing everyone in their element.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear what Bonnie Dune sounds like? Will you buy their album just because of Cory?



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