Dianna Agron's Short Film 'A Fuchsia Elephant' In High Demand

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Like we mentioned last month, Dianna Agron has kept herself super busy outside of Glee, working on several films like Burlesque and I Am Number Four between her Fox filming schedule. But there's one project that her fans are dying to see: her 10-minute film called A Fuchsia Elephant.

The short was written, directed and produced by the Glee actress, who also stars as the film's main character (she did wardrobe and set design, too). The story follows Charlotte Hill, who is about to turn 18. Not wanting to change or be like her alcoholic mom, she and her friend Michael decide to recreate the eighth birthday party she never had, complete with pirates, gypsies and, of course, a fuchsia elephant.
Sounds cool, right? Well, we'd love to be able to tell you just how awesome it is, but the film is nowhere to be found. According to IMDB, it was released in 2009, but it's not available on YouTube, Amazon, iTunes or any other site. Naturally, Dianna's fans are frustrated.

"i REALLY REALLY want to see A Fuchsia Elephant," igotsthebreadstix wrote on Tumblr. "I hope I don't die without having ever seen it."

AgronsArmy posted an image that said: "We should take Dianna Agron and have her release 'A Fuchsia Elephant," and added, "Because which one of us does not want to watch this? I definitely do."

We're not sure when (or if) the Georgia native is planning on letting the world see her short, but we know the demand is high. Do you want to see 'A Fuchsia Elephant'? Let us know what you would you say to convince Dianna to release it in the comments below. %Poll-56146%


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