'Silly Bandz: The Game' Arrives for the iPhone

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The game has 30 levels set in beach, forest and volcano environments. The 40 different bracelets vary in size and weight, so it's best to collect as many as you can to have the most options for game play.

We haven't tested out 'Silly Bandz: The Game' yet, but if it's anything like the DS game, we know it's super addictive. The iPhone and iPod Touch app will be available for 99 cents, while the iPad app is priced at $1.99. The game is slated to be released on December 22.

When we told you about Silly Bandz for DS, 30 percent of you were excited about the game, while 37 percent of you were not into the idea at all. Thirty-two percent of our readers thought it might be cool and was worth checking out. Have your opinions changed now that you can play a new version of the game on your iPhone? Do you think you'll be downloading 'Silly Bandz: The Game'?

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