High School Study Reveals Parents' Acceptance of Underage Drinking

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The number of parents who are allowing teens to drink in their homes is increasing more and more at Massachusetts' Hingham High School.

Freshmen and juniors took a survey containing questions about drinking at parties where parents monitored minors. Out of the 498 students, about 129 students said they'd been to one such party in the past three months.
Even though parents could be charged with violating the Social Host Responsibility Law, the number of students underage drinking in their parents or a friend's parent's presence is up 30 percent since 2008.

"You have a group of parents who want to be their kids' friends instead of their parents," stated Hingham Police Lt. Michael Peraino.

Sophomore John Dillon disagrees. "If it's going to happen, it should happen in your own home, not in the woods where parents are not present."

Hingham's principal Paula Girouard McCann is striving to increase awareness about this scary trend.

"That's why I advertised those statistics to people, and hopefully they would be appalled by it," she said.


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