These Are The 10 Gifts Teens Want This Year...Just So You Know

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When we asked you what you want for the holidays this year, thousands of you voted for everything from tech gadgets to music. So, we pulled our best gift list from all of your favorite things that can actually be bought online and in stores (sorry, to those who wanted world peace and boyfriends). With less than two weeks away until Christmas, here are your Top 10 Gifts for 2010.
1. iPod Touch
2. iPad
3. Xbox Kinect
4. iPhone
5. Kindle
6. MacBook
7. Playstation 3
8. Never Shout Never, 'Harmony'
9. Uggs
10. Digital Camera

ipod touchiPod Touch: The iPod got a super cool upgrade this year when Apple announced that their music device could make FaceTime video calls and record HD video. With Wi-Fi, you can talk with friends using the same technology as the iPhone 4. The iPod Touch also comes with a sweet new Retina display, which we can confirm is more vivid than ever, but starting at $229, some had to put this item on their holiday wish list. "I COULD DIE I WANT ONE SO FREAKIN BAD!" JSYK reader MarissaNugent wrote. "My mom wont get it for me and i have to wait till Christmas!" Well, now the wait is over.

ipadiPad: This is probably one of the most obvious gifts on our list, but there's no question that Apple's state-of-the-art gadget is something everyone is hoping for this year. The tablet, which starts at $499, is like a mini computer on which you can access the Internet, read email or books and use plenty of apps, all on an awesome touch screen. When the iPad hit stores this April, over 300,000 units were sold on its first day. The uber cool device is pricey, but beyond its entertainment value, it can be a great tool for studying and to have while traveling, too.

xbox kinectXbox Kinect: In November, after what seemed like forever, Microsoft finally unveiled its controller-less gaming system called Kinect. A special sensor allows gamers to play using only body movement, which hasn't been available until now. The console alone costs $120, and is made to connect (no pun intended) with Xbox 360. Those who don't already have Xbox can find bundles that include Kinect for $375 and up. We don't blame people for putting this on their must-have list -- the technology is amazing, not to mention oh-so-fun.

iphone 4iPhone: Apple released its iPhone 4 this year, and while many have been drooling over the Retina display, FaceTime calling option and sleek new design, the new phone also caused a drop in iPhone 3GS prices, too. So, those who have the smartphone on their list this year may very well get their wish. The 3GS model has video capabilities, and with the OS upgrade, you can have multi-tasking just like the iPhone 4. Either way, the sweet devices are the ultimate way to combine phone, email and iPod abilities into one. Those who don't want to shell out the cash for this phone, will also be happy to know that a lot of our readers also asked for cell phones in general.

kindle 2Kindle: Amazon gave its Kindle a total facelift this year. The third generation e-reader is smaller, lighter, faster and, at $139, cheaper. There's even a slightly more expensive new model that has Wi-Fi built in for those who want to surf the Internet on the Kindle, too. Both models also have improved contrast in the their screens. The device has become extra popular in the last year, especially as more textbooks have become available as e-books. Not only can teens read regular books on it, but it also has the potential to be a study gadget, as well. Did you hear that, Santa?

macbookLaptop: Many of our readers said they wanted a laptop for Christmas. There are tons of different ones available, and, if you're a PC person, the computers are really affordable this year. Depending on what you want, you can spend anywhere from $250 for a compact netbook, to over $1,000 for a MacBook. It really depends on the person you're buying the gift for -- are they into style or function? Desktop computers are cool, but nothing beats being able to grab your laptop and go, or having the ability to sit somewhere other than your desk to work.

Playstation 3Playstation 3: PS3 came out years ago, but its slim model has only been in stores for a little over a year. Sony also just released their new wireless Move controllers, making the console even more wish list-worthy. Add hot video game releases like 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' and 'Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood,' and it's no wonder why major gamers are asking for the Sony console this season.

never shout never harmonyNever Shout Never, 'Harmony': Are you trying to find the perfect gift for an alternative music lover? Here's something we know teens want. Although Christofer Drew released his sophomore album, 'Harmony,' in August, and while it debuted at No. 14 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart, many fans are still waiting until Christmas to score a copy of the Missouri native's latest CD. We don't blame them, either. Never Shout Never is making must-hear music, and for just $10, this album could make a lot of people happy on Christmas. P.S. This will be a great gift to go with someone's new iPod Touch, too. Just saying.

uggsUGGs: We weren't kidding when we said UGGs were on a lot of people's wish list this year, but if the $120-plus price tag is too steep, UGG has come out with a line of moccasins that range from $80-$100. With these, you can get the comfort and style of UGG boots without breaking the bank. They're definitely one of our top gifts of the year, and we know our readers would be psyched to get them. One JSYK reader, Tennis98Player, wrote: "I LUV UGGS!!!!!! I have a pair and they r sooo warm and stylish!!!!!!!! I am definetly getting another pair. LUV the moccosins toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" See what we mean?

coolpix cameraDigital Camera: Lots of readers said they want a digital camera or a "GOOD" camera this year. Again, there are many models to choose from. If you asked Taylor Swift, she'd say to get a Sony Cyber-shot. If you asked Ashton Kutcher, he'd tell you to buy a Nikon Coolpix. These days, you can get a 12 megapixel camera for as low as $60, but if you want something super fancy, those models can cost hundreds of dollars. However, because there's such a wide range, there's definitely one available for everyone.

Did we miss any of your must-haves this season? Let us know what else is on your 2010 wish list in the comments. Who knows? Maybe Santa will read your reply.


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