High School Basketball Player Drops Lawsuit Over Hairstyle

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Cambio Style
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"I was in a state of shock and disbelief," Blaise said. "I worked hard to make the team and make it through the cuts. I was really disappointed I wasn't going to get to play with my teammates."

According to WSFA, the school board defended the coach's 30-year-old policy about grooming and hairstyles saying that it is in place to show students that the way they present themselves has a direct effect on how they are perceived by others.

The recently dismissed lawsuit claimed that the coach's actions violated Blaise's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, and the policy is racially discriminatory, as it singles out a hairstyle commonly worn by black players.

What do you think of what happened to Blaise? Should he be able to play on the team? Do you think the original policy is unfair? Weigh in with your comments below.

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