Exclusive: Chaske Spencer Shares 'Breaking Dawn' Set And Script Details

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Last week JSYK hung out with Chaske Spencer -- who plays head wolf Sam Uley in 'The Twilight Saga' -- at Planet Hollywood in New York City while he was collecting gifts for Toys for Tots.

"I believe in giving back," Chaske said and noted that he was also happy to honor Marines that afternoon for their service, as well as help people who are less fortunate this time of year.
Speaking of the holidays, the actor's headed back home to Idaho soon to be with friends and family. As for New Year's Eve, the Twi-hunk's keeping things chill this year. He'll "probably hang out with friends. I've already done the Times Square, New York City New Year's Eve thing. It was fun, but...do it once."

After the holidays are over, it will only be a few more weeks until he's fully back in 'Twilight' mode. The 35-year-old will head up to Vancouver in February to begin shooting 'Breaking Dawn' and stay until March. Even though it's not that much longer until he's shape-shifting again, Chaske admits that he hasn't received a script yet.

"What they do is they'll wait because scripts have been leaked. Not 'Breaking Dawn' but in the past. Then you get it and it's like security guards and helicopters. You know, handcuff it to your wrist," he jokes. We think.

Jacob's other buds Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones) and Seth Clearwater (BooBoo Stewart) have already been to the set. "They had a blast, they had a great time," Chaske says. "It's such a big cast...the vibe from what I understand is back to the party, back to working. It's a fun set."

With so many new vampire covens coming into the picture this time around, Chaske feels like an abs-olute pro at this supernatural stuff. "There's a whole new cast coming in. It's weird. Now I feel like I've done my time in college, so I feel like a senior. The new class [is coming] in."

Does that mean he's psyched with Summit's decision to split the book into two movies? "Oh, hell yeah!" We figured he'd say as much.

"The experience I've had with the cast is everyone's down to earth. That's what I like. I've been on some films where people aren't very down to earth... I think very highly of [Kristen] and Taylor and Rob. They're handling it very well."

Chaske has just one suggestion for the filmmakers -- skip the 3-D, will you?

"It's my understanding we're not (doing 3D), but then after we're done filming they might change their mind. I have no idea. 3D's meant for certain movies, but for this one I'd say no. It's just my personal opinion."

Do you agree with Chaske on that one?


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