Teen Ends Holiday Crime Spree

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A Texas teen was at the right place at the right time and stopped a ring of burglars from ruining the holidays for many families.

The teen was walking down the street around 8:45 at night and saw four men in the yard of a home. Thinking their activity was suspicious, she called the police. The cops arrived and caught one man leaving the yard.The other three ran, and eventually authorities found one of those men hiding and arrested him.

But here's the twist: Cops were continuing to look for the other two robbers when a car with two men, one woman, and a kid pulled up. Something seemed off so cops questioned them, and the group claimed they weren't familiar with the neighborhood and just looking for a friend.
Not believing their story, cops asked for identification. Turns out all three adults had warrants out for their arrest. Police believe that since two other houses in the area were also robbed that the group was part of a crime spree -- but thanks to the teen calling police, they won't be playing Grinch any longer.


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