Hilarious! You Can Now Buy An Accessory to Keep Baggy Pants Up

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JSYK readers blew up the comments section when we told you about a Florida town attempting to ban guys from purposely wearing their pants super low and letting their boxers hang out. Forty-eight percent said the fad is simply a crime against fashion, while 52 percent voted to make it a legally punishable offense.

One reader supporting the suggested ordinance said, "Well, isn't it a crime to expose yourself in public? This isn't far from that, it is the purpose of the fad, to show rebellion against society. So, if I wanted to, am I allowed to go to the mall only wearing underwear and a shirt? How is that different than what this fad does?"

Another argued, "Whereas I don't care for the look of 'saggy pants,' to institute a LAW to ban them seems a bit much! It's a fad and will, after awhile, morph into something else that someone will, undoubtedly, want to create another law to ban! It's endless. Just look the other way for now!"

Well Andrew Lewis thinks he's come up with a solution. For $30, you can purchase his fashionable invention -- a garter-like belt with expandable straps called Subs that will hold your pants in just the right place.
"Sagging is a huge issue in my community," Andrew explained. "I spent a lot of time observing and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point which even they're not comfortable with how their jeans were falling."

Want to check out Subs? Go here.


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