Jasmine Villegas Explains the Meaning of Her Songs

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It's no secret that Jasmine Villegas loves Twitter -- she even told us so during our exclusive video interview with her -- and now the 17-year-old singer has used the micro-blogging site to give her fans a special gift this holiday season: an explanation of her songs.

"Merry Christmas jasminators!" she tweeted on December 25. "I wanted to explain to u the meaning of my songs because they together tell a story. hope u like it :)."
Although her new album doesn't have a release date just yet, we know that Jasmine is working hard at getting everything in place for the big day. Those of you who have seen the California native in concert have heard a taste of what's in store, but now she's telling fans exactly what's behind her music.

Jasmine starts by talking about her song 'Work,' which she says is about "when a guy likes u and u like him to but u play hard to get and make him 'work' to get your attention." The singer then moves on to 'Natural,' saying, "This is when the guy finally won ur heart and u share ur first kiss with him. You have butterflies and when u finally kiss him it's so special and u feel like ur on top of the world."

'Jealous' pushes the story along even further. "Then ur really in love with the guy but u realize that u get really jealous when he talks to other girls and it starts to make u go crazy," she says.

'Serious,' which fans can hear a clip of on Jasmine's MySpace page, is when things start to turn around. "So then u come to the realization that ur too young to feel all depressed and be sad about a guy when u have ur whole life to live," she adds.

Next she explains 'To the Yard,' which is about "when u realize ur too fly to be with a guy thats not treating u right so u tell him to pretty much get lost and take it to the yard."

Finally, Jasmine talks about her single, 'All These Boys,' for which she just shot the music video. "So u breakup with the guy but ur feeling a lil sad until u realize what's the point of being so sad over one guy that didnt treat u right when u have #alltheseboys in the world that will treat u right :)."

What do you think of the storyline of Jasmine's new album? Do you like the themes? Are you excited to hear the whole record? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out our exclusive interview with Jasmine below.




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