Hello 2011; Expedition 206 Ends Their Incredible One-Year Journey

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Expedition 206
has been busy traveling the world this year in their pursuit of finding out what makes people happy. Well, for one family, it's one guy -- and his name is Justin Bieber, but more on that later.

Antonio Santiago, Tony Martin and Kelly Ferris traveled a mind-blowing 275,000 miles and visited nearly 200 of the 206 countries where Coke products are sold. Their mission: find happiness and document it. Along the way there was missing luggage, passport troubles, long flights and unbelievable stories, all of which they tweeted, facebooked, youtubed and blogged about.

We were with Kelly, Tony and Antonio when the started their journey in Atlanta at the Coca-Cola world museum and their journey ended there yesterday.

Read on for more highlights from Kelly, Tony and Antonio's amazing year including whether or not they found happiness at a Justin Bieber concert, their awesome travel trips and a look back at where they started.

Checking In With JSYK

When Kelly, Tony and Antonio called us in July, they were somewhere between South Africa and Lithuania, but not jet-lagged.

"Jet lag is afraid of us, we're not afraid of jet lag," Kelly said. "We sleep on planes, wherever. At a concert, in a van," added Tony.

Already over half way through their journey, the team already had to add pages to their passports.

"I missed a country because I ran out of passport pages," Tony told us. I had to stay inside of South Korea until I got more pages. And I'm about to run out again."

Kelly filled us in on what it's like to get curious looks from custom agents in airports.

"It depends," she said. "Sometimes you just get surprised looks when they flip through our pages and they look at us like, 'Huh? What??' and sometimes when you have to fill out the forms, 'How many countries have you been to in the last six weeks,' and you write down '53' they're like, 'What are you doing?'"

Justin Bieber Makes People Happy... Duh.

Expedition 206 Justin Bieber at MSG
In New York City on August 31, amidst thousands of screaming girls, the x206 team overheard a man talking to his two daughters outside Madison Square Garden, telling them that scalpers wanted way too much money for Justin Bieber tickets. They wouldn't be able to go. Hearing this and feeling super exhausted already, the big-hearted trio came up with a great idea -- they would give the family their tickets!

"You've just made this the happiest day ever!" the girls, not pictured above -- those are other Beliebers -- told them. As it turned out, the girls' dad already had one ticket, so the team asked him to pay it forward and giving it to someone else. The next day, one of the girls, Lyla, wrote to x206 on Twitter thanking them for the unexpected gift.

"It was our joy to see that big smile of you guys! Hope you're having a wonderful day!" Antonio replied. Tony also chimed in and said, "I'm SO pumped you enjoyed it. Your tweet put a smile on my face. Stay in touch."

"The dad looked like he wanted to hug us with gratitude," Kelly told JSYK. "Well, now, that made OUR day. We left thinking, 'Our work here is done.'"


Just 12 Months Ago...

When we met the x206 team last year, they had only known each other for a month. Now, Kelly doesn't just consider Tony and Antonio her best friends, they are part of her family... something no one could have predicted 365 days ago.

"The trip starts on January 1st in Madrid [Spain]," Tony told us back in November. Surprisingly, Madrid was neutral ground for everyone (Kelly is from South Africa and lives in Belgium, Tony is from Washington, D.C. and lives in Germany and Antonio is from Mexico City and Puerto Rico. "It's going to be really crazy," Tony continued. "We're going to start off in a brand new place for all of us."

A year later, and the three would probably be hard-pressed to point to a spot on the globe that they haven't been. 365 days, 275,000 miles, 200 countries and three exhausted, but very happy people later, the x206 team has a lot to be proud of.

Congratulations, Kelly, Tony and Antonio! Now get some sleep!!


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