Teen Creates Replica of New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square for His Own Party

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An Ohio teen is remaking a New Year's Eve staple for his annual party tonight -- a replica of the ball dropped in Times Square at midnight.

"I throw this party every year and I wanted to bring something unique to it," Gallagher says. He used 75 laser cut plexiglass triangles and 86 LED lights to create the ball, and had to do a little convincing before his parents allowed him to drop the replica from their roof.
"They always raise their eyebrows a little bit the crazier and crazier it gets, but they enjoy seeing what I can do," Gallagher said about the creation that he started in his dorm room at Carnegie Mellon University.

To drop the ball, which is one-sixth the size of the real deal, Gallagher is using a pulley system and aircraft cable. It took more than 40 hours of work, but the teen says it will be worth it when the ball drops tonight.

"It's a hobby," he explains. "Some people collect coins, some people collect stamps or play video games or whatever. New Year's Eve has just kind of become my hobby."

Sounds awesome. What are your plans tonight? Share them here.


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