More Schools Are Beginning to Replace Textbooks With iPads

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School? There's an app for that. According to the New York Times, an increasing number of schools across the country are replacing textbooks with iPads, and using the Apple gadget as an overall learning tool.

The iPads are being distributed by schools to students and teachers, and allow students to learn lessons, correspond with teachers and turn in assignments. Teachers say the devices let students to have a multimedia experience when learning English, math and more, and help to teach pupils using animation and games.

Schools in New York, Illinois, Arizona and New Jersey have already embraced the gadget, and more states are expected to follow. However, the educational value of the hi-tech devices has yet to be proven by research.

"There is very little evidence that kids learn more, faster or better by using these machines," said Larry Cuban, a professor emeritus of education at Stanford University. "IPads are marvelous tools to engage kids, but then the novelty wears off and you get into hard-core issues of teaching and learning."

But teachers are in full support of the thousands of educational apps available, and praise the physical design of the iPad, which allows students to maintain eye contact with them. The lightweight device also relieves students of heavy, textbook-loaded backpacks, which can cause neck, back and shoulder pain.

Does your school use iPads as learning tools? If not, would you want one, or would you rather read from a textbook? Let us know what you think in the comments. %Poll-58282%


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