New Safety Features in Cars Will Give Parents Way More Control

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Your parents are about to have a lot more control over your car -- if you're driving certain Ford models. The car company's launching a new edition of their MyKey technology. This upgrade, coming later this year, will allow your parents to block certain satellite radio content and more.
If you drive a car with MyKey technology now, then you already know your parents can limit your speed to 80 mph. The next round of MyKey allows parents even more control -- they'll soon be able to set 65, 70, 75 or 80 mph as your top speed. Get this, your parents will even be able to program how loudly you play the radio.

"It also provides an early warning of low fuel and mutes the audio until the seat belt is buckled," USA Today reported.

For now, the new MyKey technology blocks will come standard on Ford Taurus and Ford Explorer models, but eventually the automobile giant will expand to include the features on additional Ford and Lincoln cars.

What do you think about these new features? Are they a smart way to keep you safe, or does it feel like your parents don't trust you by controlling your speed and music volume?

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