Teen Arrested for Having a Marker at School: You Say That's Crazy

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Last month we told you about a teen in Oklahoma City who was arrested for bringing a permanent marker to school. Delynn Woodside, a seventh-grade math teacher at Roosevelt Middle School, saw the 13-year-old student using the marker to write on a piece of paper and the ink bled onto the desk.

After witnessing the student also purposely write on the desk with the marker, the teacher conducted a citizen's arrest. Say what?

A city ordinance there states, "No person may possess an aerosol spray paint container or broad-tipped indelible marker on any private property unless the owner, agent, manager, or other person having control of the property consented to the presence of the aerosol spray paint container or broad-tipped indelible marker."
Even though that citizen's arrest was totally legal, 81 percent of you voted that was uncalled for.

Mygirlygirl29 commented, "This teacher is deranged. To put in perspective, it's illegal in the state of Kansas to have a donkey wear a red, white, and blue hat when it's not the 4th of July. But, people that actually know of these bogus laws are those who have WAY too much time on their hands. Who comes up with these laws anyway?"

Another reader said, "They should get detention or something for writing on the desk, but arrested? That's a waste of police's time and tax payer's money."

Aery posted, "Sounds to me like the teacher already had a beef with the student and used this strech of the law to get revenge. People like this shouldn't be teachers."

However, nineteen percent of readers voted that the teacher was doing her job and sticking to the rules.

"Dumb as it sounds, which yes - it is - however, the teen did break a rule," a JSYK reader stated. "Rules and laws were made with penalities if bent, even a little. Don't be mad at the teacher, be mad at the rule. If you dont like the rule, then fight it - try to get it changed."

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