Teen Hearing Loss: Girls Catching Up With Guys

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Listen up, girls. We know you can ace a math test or kick a soccer ball around just as good as any guy, but we found one way you're keeping up with the boys that you shouldn't be happy about.

Harvard's School of Public Health released a study that says teen girls are now experiencing almost the same amount of hearing loss as boys. In the past, guys usually far surpassed girls when it came to noise exposure, but thank your iPod for helping you catch up.
Because you can now play your music longer and louder than ever, this generation is expected to have the worst hearing yet. One in six teens is already showing signs of hearing loss.

Full disclosure: We're totally guilty of listening to the iPod at an unhealthy level, too. In fact, Carrie Underwood is blaring from pink headphones right now. Turning down the volume on your iPod will help tremendously, but that's not the only reason girls are catching up.

Dr. Joseph Carter, chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at MetroHealth in Cleveland, told AOL Health, "I think it's probably the increase in noise in general in our society. There has been more equality of participation in athletic events and other noisy venues among girls, too."

So how can you tell if you're damaging your ear buds? Here's a simple rule of thumb: Your music should never be so loud that you can't hear someone next to you talking at a normal volume.

Admit it, do you play your music too loud?


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