Six Students Arrested After School Learns About 'Attack a Teacher Day' Facebook Invite

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Six girls in Nevada are in a lot more trouble than just detention after an 'Attack a Teacher Day' invite popped up on Facebook.

One of the girls created the event and invited about 100 other students from two middle schools. The other five students supposedly posted threats against specific teachers. The girls say it was all just a big joke, but school officials didn't find it funny. The group was booked in juvenile hall last week on a misdemeanor charge of communicating threats. They also face a three to five days suspension from school.
"School shootings really happen. That's why we took it seriously," Carson Middle School Principal Dan Sadler said. "It's not OK, and it's not funny in this day and age if you're going to make a threat against a teacher."

Eighteen students accepted the invite to the event that was scheduled for last Friday. Teachers at the two schools were surprised by who was behind the threats, saying many of the students have good grades and are class leaders.

"Even if the six girls meant it as a joke, there's no way to know if the other students who accepted the invitation weren't going to carry out the attacks in some fashion," Carson City Sheriff's Deputy Jessica Rivera stated. "The school shooting in Nebraska is just another thing that shows us you can't take this kind of situation lightly."

Moral of the story: Your teachers and parents are looking at what you post on Facebook! Don't write anything on there that could jeopardize your rep -- even if it is just a joke.


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