Selena Gomez Hearts Her Sparkly Manicure

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"Hehe I'm a dork. Sparkles make me happy," Selena Gomez tweeted.

Her nails are pretty cute, right? Do you have a party coming up or just like the polished look of a manicure? We talked to Wendy Lewis, founder and editor-in-chief of, to get simple step-by-step instructions for giving yourself the perfect mani at home.

Start your manicure by removing any old polish on your nails. Next, Wendy says, "Soak nails in the tub, sink, or a bowl of warm water for a few minutes until cuticles are soft." Gently push your cuticles back -- if they're ragged, you can use a small cuticle nipper.

"Use a nail file for natural nails and file tips to desired shape. Square or oval are best to ward off breakage," Wendy advises. "Don't use nail clippers -- file down nails that are too long and make sure all ten nails are even."
Keep your nails strong by applying nail strengthener as your base coat. Once that's dry, apply one coat of polish and wait until it dries to apply the next coat. Finish your manicure with a quick dry polish.

"Sephora minis are great to throw in your backpack for a quick touch up. OPI is fab, and their Nicole brand is especially hip with cool colors," Wendy suggests. %Poll-58722%


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