'I Am Number Four' Gets Coolest App Ever

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'I Am Number Four' will be released in on February 18, and now fans can pass the time away with Number Four's Phone, a movie app that may just be the coolest one we've seen to date. The best part? It's free.

The concept of the app is that you have found Number Four's lost phone. You need to help him communicate with his friends, complete missions and keep the phone out of the Mog's hands.

The app is set up like an iPhone, complete with endless features that we can't get enough of. Fans can access exclusive photos, videos, downloads and games right from the main menu, but the real fun is in the phone features.

As soon as you open the app, you begin to receive text messages from John, aka Number Four. He got a new phone, and now you can reply to his texts and get responses back. You can even make phone calls from the app to John's contacts. Okay, so you're not really connecting with anyone, but it sure feels like you are.

Fans can read text conversations between John and other characters, including Sam Spellman, Number Six, Henri and Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron). But that's not all. You can also enter a daily "instant win" contest in which you could score a new MacBook, iPhone 4 and cash.

Another great feature is the countdown clock at the top of the screen that shows you how many days are left until the release of the film. Download the free Number Four's Phone app on iTunes now and get ready for 'I Am Number Four' to hit theaters on February 18.

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