Jennifer Stone Is Not A Mean Girl, Or A Nerd... Or Emma Stone

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In ABC Family's sequel to 'Mean Girls,' Jennifer Stone plays Abby Hanover, but don't think for a second that her character is one of The Plastics. Jen was anything but mean when we talked to the 17-year old actress on the phone last week. Read on for the super sweet things she had to say about her costars in the film and her bestie Selena Gomez... and her less-than-enthusiastic response to Justin Bieber. 'Mean Girls 2' premieres tonight, make sure to check it out.

On JSYK book week:
"I'm a huge reader, I love books. I can't go anywhere without having a book with me. I have a Kindle, but right now I have a paperback book. I go back and forth between reading a paged book and my Kindle."

On being confused with Emma Stone:
They don't confuse me with her, but they ask me if I'm her sister all of the time, which I think is funny just because I have red hair and my last name is Stone. They're like, 'we loved your sister in 'Easy A!'' and I'm like, 'thanks... not my sister.'

On playing the nerd:
'Perfectly eccentric.' That's how I would put it. I like playing really eccentric characters -- I'm an eccentric person in my life. I think I naturally sort of gravitate towards those characters. I wouldn't call them nerds. I don't like that.
On Lady Gaga's style being oddly similar to Harper Finkle's:
Can I tell you how many times I've talked to people about how Lady Gaga is Harper all grown up. Of course, more provocative. But they definitely have some similarities there.

On experiencing high school drama:
[Jennifer was home-schooled] But as for the high school drama, you deal with it anyway as long as you're around teenagers, which I was working at Disney Channel. You're gonna have a little drama because teenagers come with drama sometimes.

On bullying:
We tried to show kids that they aren't alone and that bullying is something that we all go through and it's an unfortunate thing but there are good, healthy ways to handle it. I feel like we show some of the good things in our movie, but we also show some of what not to do. ABC Family as well is really great; they work with the 'Stomp Out Bullying' campaign. There will be a PSA that will be airing when 'Mean Girls 2' airs. We take the bullying issue very, very seriously.

On dealing with mean girls:
You have to know it has nothing to do with you. The person who is dishing it out is handling something in their life poorly. You just happen to be in the crossfire. It has nothing to do with you. Don't stoop down to their level. Focus on your career as much as you can and I know it seems like forever but high school is really just a ripple in your life.


To go with the premiere of 'Mean Girls 2' we thought we would ask Jennifer to say something nice about some of her cast mates and friends, instead of asking her to say something mean about them, something Jennifer wouldn't have done anyways. Check out her answers:

Meaghan Martin: She's adorable and really really funny. She's just a sweet girl and is goofy. I love a girl who can make fun of herself and have a good sense of humor.

Diego Gonzalez Boneta: He's really raised well. He's very sophisticated and the old school gentleman. He's really very polite. He's a very, very nice guy.

Nicole Anderson: She's just a cool girl. She has a cool sense of style and is mellow. She's a girl you can hang out with and have a movie night. She's totally chill and I love that about her. She's just very low key and just cool.

Selena Gomez: She is one of those people who make you want to be a better person. When you meet people and they're apart of your life they can either cut you in half or double you. Selena is definitely one of those people who doesn't only double you but she triples you. I cannot wax poetic enough about her. She's just a wonderful human being.

Justin Bieber: Ehh. I don't know. I don't really... it's not my kind of music. He's nice, I don't know.

Demi Lovato: She's got an excellent voice. To me, her voice sounds like Hayley Williams. She's a rock star.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter and watch her in 'Mean Girls 2' tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c.


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