Long Island Police Shut Down Facebook Page Bashing Students

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A Facebook page named "Nassau's Nasty List" was shut down after school officials in Long Island, New York complained about its cyber-bullying content.

The page targeted female teens at Uniondale High School as well as students attending other nearby schools, and detailed the girls' alleged sexual conduct.
"Whatever they're posting, the family can see it, and it's not true," says student Tamika Gibson. "It makes the person feel bad, and cry, and come to school and everybody makes fun of them."

Police don't yet know who created the page, but they are investigating. They may even subpoena Facebook if necessary to track down whoever started the page.

"We don't think this is a moment in time -- it's a call to action," states cyber-bullying expert Roni Benson. "This is only going to get worse."

The Uniondale Schools Superintendent Dr. William K. Lloyd explained in a statement, "There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying and cyber-bullying situations, and the district provides multiple programs and workshops to educate students about the dangers and consequences from participating in this kind of behavior."

Do you know anyone who has been cyber-bullied?


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