Jacob Latimore Gets 'Comical' in New 'Like 'Em All' Video

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In October, we premiered Jacob Latimore's single, 'Like 'Em All,' and now the 14-year-old singer has released a brand-new video for the song in which he and rapper Diggy Simmons get the ultimate comic book treatment.

The new video starts out showing the cover of a special comic called 'The Adventures of Jacob Latimore,' but when the page turns, the Atlanta based vocalist comes to life. Each scene is filled with colorful background graphics, while Jacob dances in the frames.
"The record is about me letting a girl know that she's beautiful despite her flaws," Jacob told Aol Kids in December. That's clear by the chorus of the song:

"Every single one of your flaws / It don't matter cause you got my heart / 'Cause I like 'em all / I like 'em all / It don't matter 'cause I like 'em all."

Nearly 73 percent of JSYK readers loved the single when we premiered it, posting comments like the one RIA_BBY13 wrote: "Jacob ! I LUV THIS SONG! U AND DIGGY DID GOOD =] KEEP IT UP =]"

PinkyPromise101 was also feeling it. "HE ROCKS!!!!" she said. "I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! :)"

Check out Jacob's new 'Like 'Em All' video below. What do you think? Do you like the comic book treatment?



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