Robot Helps Sick Teen Attend High School

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Lyndon Baty suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease, a serious medical condition that leaves him with virtually no immune system. Going to high school seemed almost impossible, but a robot (yup, robot) is making it happen.

"It's absolutely amazing," Lyndon says. "I would have never thought when I was sick that I would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. It is just like I am there in the classroom."
The technology, called VGO, is mobile and has a small video screen that allows Lyndon to see what's happening in the classroom and interact with students and teachers.

Sheri Baty, Lyndon's mom, states, "When he's able to be in there, and hear what everyone's opinion is, plus the teachers, and hear all the classroom discussion, he gets that. That's incredible to see and see in his eyes. That's invaluable as a parent to see he's getting that."

Teachers are thrilled to watch Lyndon improve academically, and the teen's happy that his social life is likewise getting a boost.

"My best friends were my parents. No offense against them, but I want other friends," Lyndon said.


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