'The Hunger Games' Coming To Theaters In March 2012

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This is exciting news. Lionsgate has announced that the film adaptation of the first book in Suzanne Collin's wildly popular book series 'The Hunger Games' will hit theaters on March 23, 2012.

All last week, we asked readers to weigh in on which book series had the potential to be the next 'Twilight' series with a huge movie franchise. That battle is still raging on, but we purposefully left 'The Hunger Games' series out of the mix because it is already a complete series -- all three books have been released.

If we were placing bets though, this series is going to be huge. Like, Twilight-huge. We also think it will make the sport of archery cool again, but that's another blog post for another day. The studio is still tight-lipped on any casting decisions. Honestly, those decisions have likely not been made. Stay up to date with the latest news from their official Facebook page and read on for our hopes and fears for the movie version of one of our favorite books ever.
Rumors have been swirling for months now about who will play the parts in the series. We've heard Elle Fanning for Prim, which we could totally get behind and Chloe Moretz for Katniss, which may fans take issue with because Chloe is a blonde. Chloe definitely has the range and the grit to play Katniss, so don't count her out. We've also heard Liam Hemsworth for Peeta, which is a horrible idea. Please let this not happen.

Lionsgate is actually the studio behind Abduction, Taylor Lautner's new flick. We could definitely see Taylor stepping into the role as Peeta, however, we think it would be best if the studio hired relatively unknown actors to lead the trilogy, as was the case with Twilight.

We nominate, Lucas Till. Although he's not exactly who we had in mind while reading the books, he does fit the physical description of Peeta. He also has yet to have his huge movie break in a leading role. And look, a random commenter named Kayla agrees with us! We can also really get behind Avan Jogia for Gale.

What are your thoughts about the movie? Have you read all of the books? Tweet @jsykdotcom or leave a comment with your hopes for the movie adaptation.

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is written by Stacy Hinojosa, JSYK's Editor-in-Chief and book expert. She read the first book in 'The Hunger Games' series alone in a tent at night in the middle of the forest... a really, really bad idea. She read 'Catching Fire' on a plane to Los Angeles and, unlike most of her friends, she really liked 'Mockingjay.' She's currently reading 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver. Follow her on Twitter here.


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