Elena and Damon Hooking Up On 'Vampire Diaries' This Season? Doubtful

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Bummer news for Delena fans (or as this site's editor likes to call them, 'Elemon'). Ian Somerhalder recently discussed Damon's storyline for the rest of the season and it seems Stefan's keeping the girl.

"Rose posed a very serious number of questions that he's going to have to ask himself," Ian says about Damon's future. "It's unfortunate that she had to experience a lot of pain and anguish, but he comes out of it not a better man, just maybe a man of a little more emotional understanding of himself."
So Damon's going to permanently leave his dark vampire days in the past? Think again.

The Louisiana native explains, "[Damon] is trying to be flippant, he is trying to be as deflective as he can while enjoying himself, and seducing women and compelling journalists and getting his way."

Hang in there, Delena fans. Maybe Elena will be the one to try something during The Vampire Diaries' season finale?

"As many problems as [Damon] actually causes [Elena], she inexorably, always, at the end of the day, feels for him and expresses that feeling and sort of love, in a way," Ian says. "He always, always will deflect, and she tries to break down that barrier, not with much success, much to her chagrin, but she does attempt to."



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