Teen Gets More Than $100,000 After Cop Car Hit And Run

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A civil jury awarded 19-year-old Deon Johnson more than $100,000 after an unmarked police vehicle struck the Baltimore teen in 2009 and didn't stop.

Deon's lawyer, J. Wyndal Gordon, said the jury "sent a loud and clear message to those officers and the Baltimore City Police Department that that kind of conduct would not be tolerated."
Deon, who had plans of becoming an Olympic boxer, was sitting on his dirt bike when the police vehicle knocked him to the ground. The jury ruled the teen should receive more than $53,000 for pain and suffering as well as his medical expenses, and an additional $60,000 in punitive damages from the officer who was driving and two passenger police officers.

The city may decide to appeal the jury's verdict, and it's unknown whether the officers were removed from the police force for their role in the hit-and-run.

What do you think -- is more than $100,000 too much or not enough? Should the cops involved be fired?


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