Are You Friends With Your Parents on Facebook?

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Here's the situation: you get an email that says your mom or dad wants to be friends with you, and you're faced with two choices: confirm or ignore. What do you do? Well, a new survey shows that 38 percent of teens are denying their parents' requests.

Kaplan Test Prep surveyed 2,313 of their students and found that 35 percent of teens are not friends with their parents on Facebook. Of that group, 38 percent have ignored their parents' requests.
What about the people who are clicking on "confirm"? In May 2010, a separate survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep reported that 56 percent of students give their parents full access to their Facebook accounts. But, the new survey findings show that 16 percent of the teens who are friends with their parents also said that they were only allowed to have a Facebook profile if they friended their parents.

This is exactly what happened to 13-year-old Sophie Feldman, and she's not too psyched about it. "I don't think having your parents as friends on Facebook is fair, because it's weird -- almost like having them listen in on a phone call," the New York student tells JSYK.

Glendora High School junior Ember McInturf is currently friends with her mom on Facebook, but the connection has been revoked more than once. "I have friended and de-friended [my mom] a couple times, but the reasons were just for my personal interest, not [to roast] her," she says. "[There was] just stuff I didn't want her to know, like with statuses and other things that I share with my friends that I think that are just too personal for my mom to know."

What about you? Have your parents sent you friend requests? Did you confirm or ignore? Do you think it's okay for your parents to have access to your profile? Let us know what you think in the comments or send us a tweet @jsykdotcom. %Poll-59369%


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