Farrah From 'Teen Mom' Defends Her Parenting Skills Via Twitter

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So if you're like me and are totally into the original Teen Mom cast, you know that Farrah Abraham, a.k.a. Sophia's mama and my favorite, almost always has something to say. Well, even though there's a new TM cast and all, she still hasn't changed and seems to have a lot to say... via Twitter.

If you watch the show you know she's been dealt a pretty intense deck of cards and has to overcome some serious situations, proving she's a tough cookie. Not sure if you guys follow her on Twitter, but man, it's quite entertaining and proves her toughness isn't an act.
1. She's not afraid to take anyone on. She recently trash tweeted Kim Kardashian because Kim was totally hating on the teen moms. She also recently took on Perez Hilton.

2. She confirmed Teen Mom Season 3. Before her Kardashi-tweet, Farrah tweeted some 'Teen Mom' original cast news that totally made me happy.

When MTV announced that there was going to be 'Teen Mom 2' awhile back, the question on my mind was, "What's going to happen to the original teen moms?" I wasn't really digging the new cast (sorry). And I totally got hooked on the the original teen mom stories. Unfortunately, there weren't any official releases or even rumors saying that Amber, Macy, Farrah and Catelynn would be back. But Farrah mentions a season three reunion, which couldn't happen without a season three.

Even more proof: I saw on Farrah's Twitter that someone asked her if she and the gang would be back for another season. Luckily, she responded to them with, "Yes I'm really me from 'Teen Mom' & yes there is still a season of my 'Teen Mom' to come." Woo hoo, so they ARE coming back!

3. Last, she called out an unnamed "unfit mother" on "her show" via tweet too...drama! I couldn't really tell who she was referring to because she wasn't straight forward with the reference.
Who do you think she's talking about? I figured it was totally about Amber Portwood, considering all of the stuff she's been getting into lately, but are there really some behind the scenes juicy deets that we don't know about? Peep the tweets and let us know what you think in the comments.

Are you happy to hear that the first 'Teen Mom' cast will be back?

Ashley Rose is an editorial intern, twitterer-in-chief and Kardashian expert at JSYK. In addition to being a college student, she is also a full-time Belieber. Click here to read why she thinks Taylor Hanson is like Justin Bieber, only ten years older. And follow her on Twitter here, but don't be surprised if the only thing she tweets for the next week is 'Go Steelers!.'


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