Teen Saves 97-Year-Old Neighbor From House Fire

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A Massachusetts teen is a hero after rescuing his 97-year-old neighbor from her burning home. Nathan Yassen was taking out the trash when he spotted smoke and immediately went into action. The 19-year-old used a fire extinguisher to smash a back window and get inside. The smoke was too heavy so he kicked in the front door instead.

He could barely see his elderly neighbor, who wanted to grab some personal belongings before leaving her home.

"She was...trying to get her stuff, like a jacket because she was in her nightgown," Nathan says. "I just put my hand around her and coasted her outside. She was worried about getting her purse and stuff. I told her, 'don't worry about it,' and then we pretty much got out."

Nathan's remaining humble about his heroic actions and says he simply just did "the right thing." He gives the real credit to his 97-year-old neighbor -- whom Nathan's known his whole life -- explaining, "She was just standing in the middle of the smoke, breathing it, healthy. I couldn't breathe for nothing, I put my hand over my mouth."

Kudos, Nathan! Your quick thinking saved a life!


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