Dianna Agron Responds to Alex Pettyfer Engagement Rumors on Her Blog... Sort Of

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Dianna Agron is pretty private when it comes to her personal life, but now that 'I Am Number Four' is set to hit theaters in two weeks, the spotlight is shining on the 'Glee' star and her real-life boyfriend and co-star Alex Pettyfer. Recent rumors have suggested that the pair are engaged, and now the usually quiet actress has broken her silence and used her her blog to vent.

"I have been getting a lot of questions about things that I don't feel the need to explain or talk about," she wrote in response to the recent rumors. "I don't mean it as an insult, I've just never shared private details of my personal life to promote my career or a project that I am working on."
Last night, Dianna appeared on the 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno' to talk about her new film, but the talk show host respecfully refrained from asking about her personal life. Still, the rumor mill began churning after the actress was reportedly spotted wearing a thin diamond band on her left hand during other press interviews.

"Opinions, opinions, opinions....and all of those 'inside sources,'" she continued. "If you believe to have the facts, show your face and then say what you indeed know to be true!"

In the five-plus paragraph rant, Dianna promises that she will never do anything beyond talking about a project to promote it. And she's dead serious.

"Perhaps some of you would rather hear about projects I am working on and so proud to be a part of, not whether or not I'm swapping spit with some guy?" she said. "Or if I'm painting my house, or washing the car, or having septuplits with a guy I met in Naples named Luciano. If you want a good story, let's at least make it really rich! Totally understand if there is interest, but I find I am more interesting on screen."

We hear you loud and clear, Dianna. Want to see 'I Am Number Four' in Los Angeles way before it opens nationwide on February 18? Enter to win four tickets to an advance screening of the film in our sweet contest here.

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