Our Favorite Moments From Last Night's 'Silly Love Songs' 'Glee' Episode

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1. Quinn and Finn might get back together. For now, they just have mono together. And as much as I like Sam/Quinn and Finn/Rachel, I'm a little excited/nervous to see where this goes.

2. Lauren/Puck = awesome. I've heard some not-so-nice reactions about the way the show is treating Lauren's character -- either about the relationship being unrealistic or wanting her to be a little nicer so the audience has a reason to root for her. We're not bothered by this, but we want to hear what you think so sound off in the comments.
3. "You're addicted to vests."

4. No one got what they wanted. It was the Valentine's Day episode, but there wasn't really any romance. Quinn cheated on Sam. Puck got stood up by Lauren. Finn officially dumped Rachel. Kurt did not get with Blaine. This is a good thing though, it builds the suspense.

5. Jenna Ushkowitz's cry/singing. Hilarious.

6. Lea Michele's cover of Firework. Listen to it below. I am obsessed.

7. Blaine's commercial for The Gap. Yes, the retailer must have paid big bucks for Blaine to be crushing on an employee of The Gap, and not Abercrombie and Fitch. Their dance number was even a little reminiscent of the dancing Gap ads that used to run on TV several years ago. Watch it again below.



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