'Teen Mom' Maci Gets Plastic Surgery and Hangs With 'Jersey Shore' Bad Girls

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What happens when reality stars from two different drama filled shows become BFFs? A drama disaster in the making?

Well watch out because Maci Bookout from MTV's Teen Mom is basically BFFs with the baddest chicas on TV these days aka JWOWW, Sammi, and Deena, the fun party girsl from the 'Jersey Shore.'

Maci and the girls found time to hang out together in New York City and JWOWW didn't hesitiate to tweet about it.

JWOWW tweeted this twit pic of the two with the caption, " <3 U."

We recently reported that the Teen Moms make mad bank for starring on the show. So, what worries us is something that we noticed when we peeped JWOWW's twit pic. Check out cute, little country gal Maci with some well noticeable physical changes.
Does it look like Maci has gotten plastic surgery and totally had a boob job to you? Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently got the same procedure done too. Is this thanks to their high paying gigs and new spotlight in the media? Hmm. Maci is also showing off some outrageous blond hair extensions too.

Don't get us wrong she still looks cute but really was all this change necessary? We thought she was totally adorbs before.

A lot of people have been saying that Teen Mom glamorizes teen pregnancy. What do you guys think about that? Do you think it makes teen pregnancy seem cool or does it open your eyes? Do you think the show is giving some of the moms the wrong idea? And do you think the teen moms get paid too much causing them to do silly things like getting plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments below!


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