The Ready Set, 'Love Like Woe' Valentine's Day Video Premiere

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Whether you have a sweetheart or not, this will definitely make your day. The Ready Set has released a special Valentine's Day video for their hit single, 'Love Like Woe,' and you can watch it exclusively on JSYK now.

What inspired frontman Jordan Witzigreuter decide to make a brand new video for the song? "Seeing a lot of my friends, guys and girls, deal with a lot of crappy relationships," he tells JSYK. "I'm lucky to have, for the most part, stayed out of that."
'Love Like Woe,' is the first single from The Ready Set's debut album, 'I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming,' and since its release last March, the song has been certified platinum. That's over 1 million copies sold!

Jordan's original video had a much darker feel, taking place in the woods and involving mysterious men with glowing eyes. This time around, the Indiana native is lightening things up with a classic boy-girl concept.

Watch the new 'Love Like Woe' video and read our exclusive interview with Jordan below. Want to see The Ready Set live? Check out a full list of tour dates on TourTracker.

JSYK: Hey Jordan! We're really psyched about your new video. What's the concept all about?

Jordan Witzigreuter: Basically I'm bummed because the girl in video broke up with me, and I try all kinds of crazy things to get her back ... big heart-shaped box of chocolates, flowers, and most importantly, a bunch of farm animals. I go to all the trouble of doing this, and the girl ends up being at her father's house, so no good!

JSYK: Where was it filmed?

Jordan: The video was filmed in a couple neighborhoods in the suburbs close to LA.

JSYK: Were there any funny moments from the set?

Jordan: Pretty much anything to do with the animals. I was pretty excited about having those dudes around. A bunch of pigs and ducks and stuff didn't make it into the video, but I hung with them a bit.

JSYK: In your words, what's the song about?

Jordan: It's about a backwards, mixed up relationship. One person in the relationship is kind of crazy and hard to deal with, but you're trying to salvage it and make it work out. I think it's a situation a lot of people can relate to.

JSYK: What do you have coming up next?

Jordan: A ton of new music coming out very soon! I'm headlining the Glamour Kills tour, then doing all of Warped Tour with a ton of stuff in between. It's going to be a very busy year for sure.

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