Jasmine Villegas Has Guys Lined Up For Her 'All These Boys' Video

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After what seemed like forever, Jasmine Villegas has finally released her video for 'All These Boys,' and it's just as the 17-year-old singer described it to us in December.

"It's basically about all these boys, and they're auditioning in my video," she told JSYK of the concept. "So the subject of the song is not being conceited, saying that I have all these boys I don't know which one to choose from. It's like you go through a heartbreak or a break up -- there's still all these boys out there; there's so many fish in the sea."
On Wednesday, Jasmine reinforced the meaning of the song when she tweeted, "Ladies, dont cry over one guy when u have #alltheseboys out there that will treat u with the love and respect u deserve!!!"

In the video, we see Jasmine and her girlfriends judging different guys as they break out their best dance moves for the star. These boys have some truly impressive moves (check out what happens 54 seconds in), so it's not an easy decision to make.

Finally, Jasmine selects her chosen ones, and performs an amazingly choreographed routine at the end of the video. The edgy, army vibe the singer told us about in our exclusive interview definitely comes out in the group's black-and-gold military outfits.

Watch Jasmine V's new video for 'All These Boys' below. What do you think? Are you liking the single more now that there's a visual for it?



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