LG Unveils Phone With 3-D Screen

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Much like the Nintendo 3DS system, you don't need to wear glasses to get the 3-D effect. You will, however, need to hold it at a certain distance to get the full multi-dimensional feel. As for the taking pictures, a pair of five-megapixel lenses is included in the phone so that you can take 3-D photos and video.

The Optimus 3D will run on the Android operating system, and be available this spring. But you'll have to hold your excitement -- LG has yet to confirm a partnership with a U.S. carrier, so there's no telling when it will be available for purchase in the States. Hopefully soon, though.

What do you think of LG's new phone? Are you psyched about watching videos and capturing pics with the 3-D technology or are you over this whole 3-D craze?

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