Exclusive Interview With Dianna Agron's 'I Am Number Four' Hairstylist Austin Pierce

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When we visited Dianna Agron on the set of 'I Am Number Four' last July, our #1 for Dianna was about the kissing scenes with her costar Alex Pettyfer -- you can read her response to that question here -- but another person we had a lot of questions for was the movie's lead hairstylist, Austin Pierce.

Austin is a pro in the business and has styled Will Smith's hair in over 10 of his movies. He gave us the scoop about working with Dianna's tresses. Austin definitely had his work cut out for him since Dianna was filming 'Glee' episodes during the movie's production -- he couldn't change her hair too drastically or she wouldn't be able to rock a Quinn Fabray ponytail.
"Sarah's hairtype is pretty conservative since she's the girl next door, middle town America," Austin told us. "We kept it really clean and simple. Although, I went to the internet and picked out some pictures from runway fashion shows."

Austin walked us through some of the different hairstyles Dianna sports throughout the film -- she goes from loose curls falling out of a beret, a side plait, straightened hair with a bit of teasing and lots and lots of accessories including headbands and pretty little clips.

"I did the side ponytail braid and roughed it up and made it kind of hippy chic," he told us. "That was for the carnival, the night her and John go out and they get jumped by some of the bad boys in the script. There was a night when Sarah and John were walking through downtown Paradise, Ohio and I did a side ponytail except it was with a nice headband, beaded, which is kind of in style right now with a sweeping band which she loved."

"Then this scene here that we're doing [on the day we were on set], it's night twelve, which is the longest sequence in the movie," he told us. "This is when they fight the Piken and the Mogs and for this scene we just did a little twist, her bangs twisted and pinned underneath with loose curls at the bottom and a little bird that managed to stay throughout the entire movie as a hair pin."

We also got the scoop on what she was wearing for that final scene. The movie's stylist paired a pretty floral tunic top with black jeans and tall boots. And on top of that, a lavender cardigan from J.Crew.

How do we know?

When we were on set, there was an extra sweater laying around in case something happened to the one Dianna was wearing. Filming the movie's action scenes required Dianna to crash to the ground take after take, at least a dozen times, so you can imagine that ripping a sweater is a real possibility. We peeped the tag on the bonus sweater to find out where it was from, but sadly it is no longer available.

Want to incorporate Dianna's style from the movie into your own wardrobe? Choose feminine pieces like lacey sweaters and floral-print tops and mix them with equestrian elements like a vintage leather belt or tall riding boots. To get the look just right, add Parisian touches like a beret or a jewel-encrusted headband.

"We kind of went through, 'Is she this type of girl or this type of girl?,' but we came up with the idea that she's this girl who lives in a smaller town and is more fashion forward because she is artsy and has the Internet and has dreams of going elsewhere whether it be Paris or New York or somewhere where she can be creative and further her aspirtations of being a photographer," Dianna said on set. "So she's kind of artsy - berets and cardigans and really fun, youthful type clothes."

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'I Am Number Four' opens in theaters everyone Feb 18. Are you excited the movie is finally here after all these months? Let us know what you think of Dianna's style and the movie in the comments below!

-Dianna's headshot courtesy of DreamWorks


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