California Student Suspended for Calling Teacher Fat on Facebook

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A California high school student was recently suspended for making rude comments about his teacher's weight on Facebook. Now the American Civil Liberties Union is standing behind the Mesa Verde High School sophomore, saying that his right to free speech was violated.

According to Mashable, Donny Tobolski sent out a status update from his home computer, which called his biology teacher, Mr. Cimino, a "fat a** who should stop eating fast food, and is a d*****bag." The comment came after the teacher assigned more homework than usual back in December.
Even though the 15-year-old took the post down and apologized to the teacher, the Sacramento school still suspended Donny for one day for "cyberbullying," reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Btw, he still hasn't changed his privacy settings on Facebook so anyone can see his wall, which is how he got in trouble in the first place. You might want to change that, buddy.

Donny's family contacted the ACLU, and an attorney for the organization sent a letter to Mesa Verde High School's principal saying that the students' Facebook post was "protected under the state and federal constitutions as well as the Education Code."

"Schools have an obligation to provide a safe school environment," the lawyer, Linda Lye, said. But "petty comments, insults, ordinary personality conflicts ... don't rise to the level of harassment."

Should Donny have been suspended? Have you ever been in trouble because of something you wrote on your wall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. %Poll-59604%


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