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Be the first to peep Cody Simpson's brand new music video for 'All Day' by clicking here! [AOL Music]

We've premiered some of their songs on JSYK before, now you can behind the scenes of Stereo Skyline's life on the road in a new video. Peep it here. [TeenVogue]

Do you think violence on TV makes young people want to be more violent? Whose job is it to protect us from too much violence, parents or someone else? Hear what this teen thinks and tell us what you think...[TeenInk]

So, something's weird here. Miley Cyrus won your vote in our JSYK poll for the worst celeb influence and now she has been given an award for awesome global youth leadership. Your thoughts? [StylebakeryTeen]

Stealing is bad but giving to the homeless is good. Find out what popular celeb got her very expensive birthday cake stolen and later found out it was actually given to the homeless. [Cambio]

Two brand new songs, that you've never heard before, will be on the newest 'Glee' album! Deets here. [Teen]

Students have been getting in trouble for bullying and posting mean things on the Internet for awhile now but what happens when a teacher talks smack on her students via her own personal blog. Get the whole story here. [Do Something]

Interesting! Demi Lovato has had an intense past few months but there's a rumor going around that she is dating someone. You might be really surprised... [4TNZ]


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