Indie Musician Matt Heart Sues 'Twilight' Studio Over Song

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As an independent musician, getting your music out there is hard enough, but now Ohio native Matt Heart is going up against 'Twilight' studio Summit Entertainment over his song 'Eternal Knight.'

The pop/R&B singer originally released his 'Eternal Knight' song in 2002, but began re-promoting it in November 2010. Through his marketing efforts, he managed to get his song on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon, and was even able to get it played in various movie theaters.
Everything was going well until he commissioned an artist to create a CD cover image for the song. When the final art was posted, it beared a moon and typeface similar to that of 'Twilight's' movie poster and soundtrack.

Claiming infringement of intellectual property, Summit alerted YouTube, iTunes and other sites, which took down Matt's song. Lawyers for both sides exchanged emails, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit's attorney said that "absent the Twilight mark, Heart could repost his music so long as there was no reference whatsoever to Summit's intellectual property."

Still, the singer filed a lawsuit on February 17, saying that Summit gave a false account of its legal rights, and that the song was free of infringment because it was written and copyrighted before the 'Twilight' movie came out. He is seeking at least $75,000 in damages.

On Amazon, Matt's 'Eternal Knight' CD art shows the subtitle "Inspired by the Twilight Saga," but it has since been updated to say "A Vampire Love Story." What do you think? Does the typeface look like the one used in the 'Twilight' franchise? Should Summit have interfered or just let the musician do his thing? Let us know what you think in the comments. %Poll-60643%


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