Alex Pettyfer's L.A. House Catches Fire The Night Of 'Beastly' Premiere

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Poor Alex Pettyfer. He has been super busy with 'I Am Number Four' and 'Beastly' premieres, ending his relationship with Dianna Agron, and now, dealing with his house catching on fire. We aren't kidding. Get the details here. [JustJaredJr]

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Cutting is becoming a serious problem among teens. Not really sure what it is or what makes people do it? Check out what this teen has to say about it and read the comments others left too, it's pretty intense. [TeenInk]

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Do you not like to throw things away? If so, you might be a hoarder. Don't worry though, this 'Twilight' star has a pretty big hoarding problem too... [Cambio]

February is Black History Month. So in honor of it, check out this photo gallery that showcases awesome black kids and teens who have already done something inspirational and for a good cause. [AOL Kids]

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Oh no! It's bad news for David Archuleta after he gets dropped from his record label. [4TNZ]


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