'Breaking Dawn' Casts Christie Burke as Teenage Renesmee ...Maybe

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We know that Mackenzie Foy will be playing young Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn,' but now Christie Burke is rumored to have been cast as the teenage version of Bella's daughter.

According to Movieweb, Christie will appear in a flash-forward scene with Taylor Lautner. Those of you who have read the book know that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, but we don't remember a flash-forward scene in 'Breaking Dawn' -- do you?

It sounds a lot like the flash forward scene planned for the end of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,' which was in the book's epilogue. Are you excited to see the characters as older versions of themselves?

Summit has yet to confirm the news of Christie's casting so this could all be speculation anyway.

So, who is the actress that may be taking on this major role? Well, there isn't a lot of information about her -- as of today, she doesn't even have an IMDb page -- but we know a few things about her.
According to Performers Management, the Vancouver-based company that reps the actress, Christie appeared in the show 'Eureka' and as a guest star in 'Tower Prep.' She also starred in a Wrigley's commercial, but there's no sign of it on YouTube just yet.

Christie's resume also reveals that she has been in several stage productions, starred in two music videos and is very active in sports. The actress joins the likes of Rachel St. Gelais, Sierra Pitkin and Eliza Faria, who have also been rumored to play alternate versions of Renesmee.

With this news and the recently released photo of Isle Esme has us more excited for the film than ever. Do you think Christie is a good casting choice? If not, who would you pick to play her? And does anyone else think she looks a lot like Lily Collins? Taylor has a rep for falling for his costars, just sayin'.

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