Forever the Sickest Kids Talk About Their New Album, Tour and Selena Gomez (Exclusive)

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Forever the Sickest Kids
have released their highly anticipated self-titled sophomore album, and the band couldn't be happier. Not only are they psyched that their fans get to hear their new music, but the Texas natives are also prepping for their full U.S. tour with Good Charlotte, which kicks off on March 3.

Although it's been three years since the band's debut album, 'Underdog Alma Mater,' hit the scene, the five-piece have kept busy with tours and the release of their EP 'The Weekend: Friday.' The band recently unveiled two songs from their self-titled record, including their first single, 'Keep on Bringing Me Down,' and 'Forever Girl,' which got its premiere through a fan-made video.

Here, we talk to singer Jonathan Cook and bassist Austin Bello about their new album and upcoming tour, and even got to sneak in a question about their friend Selena Gomez with whom they once collaborated. Could they team up again in the near future? Find out below in our exclusive interview.
JSYK: Hey, guys! Congrats on the release of your new album. For those who haven't heard it yet, what kind of themes do you explore on this record?

Austin Bello: We stay pretty centralized on the fact that we would write songs that truly relate to our daily lives. Some tracks are heavier, some are softer and some are dancier. We are an ADD band so it works well will us to be able to explore all avenues of our creativity.

JSYK: Why did you decide to self-title the record?

Jonathan Cook: This album was the one that, when we started writing it as a 5-song EP, became to us the best music we had written thus far, so we want this album to be the staple for what our sound is.

JSYK: How does this album compare to 'Underdog Alma Mater'?

JC: We hope very closely, because this is one of the goals when making it -- stick to the roots of the early days of this band.

JSYK: Why did you decide to let a fan create the video for 'Forever Girl'?

AB: We love our fans, and we love them visually getting involved with our music.

JSYK: Are there any plans to make an official video, starring you, for the song as well?

JC: There is a music video up our sleeves, but I can't release what song it's for.

JSYK: How psyched are you to be going on tour with Good Charlotte? Did you listen to them growing up?

AB: Wow, unbelievably! We consider them our older brother band, and we have all been huge fans even before our band had started. The first Warped Tour I ever went to, I crowd surfed during their set back in 2000. This is a dream come true.

Forever the Sickest Kids Release New Self-Titled Album

JSYK: You'll be playing the Bamboozle Festival once again this year. Who are you most excited to share the bill with?

JC: Motley Crue!

AB: I heard little Wayne and Taking back Sunday will be performing ... yeah, awesome!

JSYK: Do you guys still hang out with Selena Gomez? Is there any chance of a new duet or collaboration in the future?

JC: We do still hang out with her, and I would say the odds of another song we do together coming out are pretty good. We just have to fight both of our busy schedules lining up.

JSYK: How did you celebrate your record release day?

JC: With a whole bunch of fun creative things to thank the fans, but also by going to my nearest Best Buy to buy the physical copy.

Forever the Sickest Kids' new album is available in stores and on iTunes now. Want to see them live? Get a full list of concert dates on

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