Justin Bieber Fans Celebrate His Birthday With YouTube Videos

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Beliebers sometimes get a bad rap. They're called annoying, their friends tease them and adults make fun of their enthusiasm. But yesterday we were reminded of just how unbelievably sweet Beliebers can be.

Two such Beliebers are Miranda and Lin, who go by @iimaBelieber and @lin14wenes on Twitter. They collected photos from other Beliebers and posted a super sweet birthday video for Justin Bieber on YouTube.
Miranda tweeted, "obviously @justinbieber isnt gunna RT this..i made cupcakes & everything.. & we made this vid."

First of all, those purple cupcakes look delicious. Second of all, Justin did retweet Miranda's video to his over 7 million followers. As for the cupcakes, Miranda brought them to school to share with her friends.

"The cupcakes were Funfetti cupcakes with the secret ingredients of Bieber Fever," Miranda told JSYK. "My parents laughed at the fact that I was making cupcakes for Justin Bieber's birthday and I thought the people at school would too, but they actually liked them."

We wanted to know how she got the idea for the purple cupcakes and video in the first place.

"Lin tweeted me asking if I wanted to help her make a video for Justin and since it was the day before his birthday, we decided to make a birthday video for him," she told JSYK. "And even though it was late notice we decided to ask other Beliebers if they'd like to be in the video. We made the video because we wanted to make something special for Justin even if he never saw it."

So did Justin's retweet make it all worth it?

"It means so much that Justin saw our video, words cant even describe how much it means to me," she told us. "It's crazy that out of all the videos and tweets he received that he retweeted our video. It made me so happy because I know I wasn't the only one happy that he retweeted it, but every Belieber who was in the video was happy that Justin Bieber saw them. And that's what made me happiest."

Way to go, Miranda!

Check out the girls' video below featuring Beliebers holding up their birthday messages for Justin along with some nice audio mixing. If you want to leave Justin your own birthday message, write on his birthday wall here.


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