'Blue Crush 2' Star Sasha Jackson Talks About Landing Her Role (Exclusive Video)

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Last year, we visited the set of 'Blue Crush 2' in South Africa, and now the film is about to be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer. But while we got to hang out with its star, Sasha Jackson, we also wanted to give you a chance to get to know her, too.

In this new video, Sasha talks about how she felt when she got the role of Dana in the upcoming surf film. The clip shows her shooting a scene in which she gets the money to go on her South Africa trip, and flashes a huge smile.
In order to get the take right, Sasha says: "I tuned in to what it actually felt like when they called me and gave me this job. I walked around my apartment for ages going, I don't, I don't, I don't understand, and then that smile hit me -- the exact same one that I just did by that bike."

'Blue Crush 2' follows the story of a Southern California surfing champ, who heads to Africa to honor her late mother. On the trip, she follows her mom's footsteps and hits the same beaches she used to surf. However, Dana runs into several obstacles, thanks to a competitive local named Tara.

Watch Sasha's mini interview, as well as the trailer for the film, below. Want to learn more about the girls of the surf sequel? Check out Teen.com's exclusive interview with the cast here. 'Blue Crush 2' will be available in stores on June 7.



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