Exclusive Interview With YouTube Belieber and Singer Camryn

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So a lot of people are posting vids on YouTube of them singing or dancing in hopes of becoming the next Justin Bieber. Now, we doubt anyone could ever beat the Biebs but have you guys heard of Camryn?

She's a young singer, you might know her from the "I love Justin Bieber" song she posted on YouTube. We recently had the chance to chat with Camryn and get to know her a little better. She opened up about her Justin Bieber fever, Glee, and her music.

Did you get any negative reactions to your Justin Bieber song from fans of Justin?
I got a few, most of which were from the non-beliebers. But from the fans of his, the only thing they commented on was when Jasmine's face was crossed out towards the end. That was pretty much it.

Have you met Justin? Are you a fan of his? I actually met him almost two years ago now at one of his concerts. And yes, I'm a pretty big fan of his.

What were the last three albums you bought and what do you like about those artists? Justin Biebers 'My World Acoustic', Lady Gaga's single on iTunes for 'Born This Way' & Britney Spears 'Hold It Against Me' single on iTunes too! What I really like about all of them is they are unique, & have their own style & find cool ways to make new styles of music. I really admire Justin Bieber & Britney Spears because they both started young, & they are an inspiration to everyone who wants to follow their dreams no matter what age they are.

What is your favorite TV show and who is your favorite actor on it? My favorite TV show right now is GLEE, and I really like Lea Michele (Rachel Berry on the show). She's super funny & witty & sings great!

A lot of musicians don't start as young as 11, what made you decide to go for it? I have been passionate about singing since I learned to talk pretty much. And I've seen a lot of celebrities start young too. So I figured why wait till I'm older, when I can start now? :)

Your music is very pop, do you think you'll stick to that genre? I enjoy the pop stuff, but I would really like to do some more rock. I really get energy & pumped when I sing my song, "Losing My Mind." I wouldn't mind doing more of that.

Have you read any books lately, which ones? I actually have. I read Twilight: Breaking Dawn recently for the second time. I'm kind of a secret twilight fan.

Is the fashion style you have in your video the same as what you wear in real life? Sometimes. I love dressing up and trying on new clothes & accessories, but for the most part, I'm a jeans & t-shirt girl.

Which musicians inspire you the most? I am a really big fan of Lady Gaga & Beyonce. They are both strong, powerful, and beautiful girls, and I wouldn't mind being like either of them when I grow up!

Click here to peep Camryn's music video for 'Wait and See.'


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