Ohio Teen Creates 'Manly' Candles in Pizza and Bacon Scents

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The Marysville, Ohio native used $100 from his savings to start his business called ManCans. He makes the candles in his own kitchen when he's not in school, and, as the teen entrepreneur says, he's all about "being green." His candles come in recycled cans and feature labels made of recycled paper.

Currently, ManCans is offering scents like Campfire, New Mitt, Fresh Cut Grass, Gear Head and Money to Burn. The candles cost $5 each, and, according to Cinncinatti.com, Hart has already sold over 500 of his male-marketed items.

The candles are sold in various Ohio stores, but Hart uses the Internet to complete most of his orders. When he's not making candles, he says he likes to "run road races (5K's mostly but I did run the Columbus Half Marathon this year), swim for the local YMCA swim team, and run kid triathlons."

What do you think of Hart's manly-smelling candles? Guys, are you into scents like these? Girls, do you think ladies could get into these scents, too? Let us know what you think in the comments.