Get To Know Thomas McDonell From 'Prom'

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Ahhh, isn't he like the cutest thing you've ever seen?

You might not have seen him before, he's pretty new to the acting game. But, when we saw him at the 'Prom' movie set in California a few months ago, we couldn't help but think:

1. He's totally hott.
2. He's pretty much going to be the next big thing.

His name is Thomas McDonell and he plays Jesse Richter in Disney's upcoming flick Prom. The movie is about, yep you guessed it, every high schoolers' most hated or loved day, P-R-O-M.

Jesse Richter is the movie's "bad boy" and outsider. In the film he gets somewhat forced to form a friendship/relationship with 'Friday Night Lights' star Aimee Teegarden's character, Nova Prescott.

So how and why did newbie Thomas get the role of Jesse? The director of the movie, Joe Nussbaum, told us that there was something noticeably special about Thomas for sure.
"We brought him out to read with Aimee and they had great chemistry and he's been impressive the whole movie. He's been learning, he's new to it but he's getting better and better everyday. He started off in a great place, so it's really exciting. I think people will be casting him in a lot of stuff for a long time to come."

Well, we hope they do because he's def cute in a Johnny Depp kind of why, don't you think? And we hear that the story between Jesse and Nova is totally adorbs!

Peep pictures and the trailer from 'Prom' below and don't forget to check out the movie when it hits theaters on April 29th! Keep checking back to JSYK to find out how you can win the 'Prom' soundtrack, tickets to the 'Prom' premiere in L.A. and a chance to meet some of the 'Prom' stars too!



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