Teen Inventor of 'A Note to God' App in Coma After Hit-and-Run

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This is really sad news. The California teen, who created the prayer app 'A Note to God,' was struck by a hit-and-run driver, leaving the 18-year-old inventor in a coma.

On Sunday, Allen Wright was crossing the street in Fair Oaks, Calif. when he was hit by the vehicle. According to the Sacramento Bee, doctors say the Del Campo High School senior only has a 30 to 40 percent chance of regaining consciousness.

"We believe in the power of prayer," Allen's father, Tod Wright, said. "(Allen) needs his idea of 'A Note to God' to work for him."

The non-denominational 'Note to God' app allows iPhone users to send anonymous prayers into cyberspace. Once a note is sent, it cannot be recalled, however, users can search the notes to see what other people are praying for.

Allen came up with the idea for the popular app while he was feeling lonely. "If you want to send a message, and you don't have anybody to talk to, you could send a little prayer," he told the Bee in a 2009 interview.
The backers of 'A Note to God' acknowledged Allen's accident by updating the note on the app's page. "[Note to God] has given countless people the hope, strength and faith to stand up through their darkest hours," it reads. "Allen and his family are now in a time of tragic uncertainty and great need -- we urge you to please download it and send them your prayers."


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